Are you wondering what power apps are? Do you want to design custom apps for the needs of your business? Power apps allow you to rapidly build customized business apps that connect to your stored business data. Do you have an issue with your app and you seek quick guidance?

Power apps

This allows a company to build a custom business application to meet its needs. You do not need to know how to program to create an app using a power app as long as you know the office.

Apps build using power apps:

  • Are capable of automatic manual business processes since they provide logic and workflow capabilities.
  • Have a responsive design that runs effectively on the browser or mobile devices.

Powerapps enable their users to design custom business apps with wonderful features without writing the code.

Things you should know about power apps

  1. Know your data source.

You need to decide where you will store your data. Some of the secure storage locations include Excel, Sharepoint, Common Data Service, and Dynamics 365. Data source determines the type of app you can build.

  1. Licenses required.

Depending on the connector used for your data, the power app can have P1, P2, O365, or Dynamics 365 licenses.

  • P1 license is required when the end-user needs to connect to a premium data source like Common Data Service.
  • P2 license is required when an app builder needs to connect to a premium data source.
  • O365 license. If your connectors are within the list of free connections like OneDrive, SharePoint or Excel, you will access this app with no additional charges.
  • Dynamics 365 license. If you are already using it, you can get a full power app license at no additional charges.
  1. Custom connector needed.

If you can’t find your data source in the list of connectors, you need to customize your connector. This will enable you to bring data into your power app.

  1. Accessibility of the app.

Use portrait mode if most of your users are in the field and will access the app on their mobile phones. Build the app in landscape mode if most of your users will access the app on their desktop.

  1. Need for custom branding.

Some themes may not be available for off-the-shelf options hence not fit for the brand you are looking for. You will need more time to create an app if you need custom branding.

  1. Training of end-users.

To ensure the users know how the app works, appoint someone who will do the training. The user adoption will be weak if they are not properly trained.


  1. Doesn’t require any coding knowledge.
  2. Cost efficiency.
  3. Fully integrates with Microsoft tools.
  4. Guaranteed security.


Power apps allow you to build a customized business application that helps you automate your business process. It gives the same programming opportunity to professionals and novices to build applications. The application you design should be easy to use to ensure the application is adopted by the users. The power apps have a lot of advantages and that’s why you should use them to automate your business