Having an online business and making it a success requires more than just having a website, and you will actively need to market it online. SEO can take a while to take effect, so there are plenty of other ways to generate traffic to your website and sales. Paid digital advertising can be lucrative and show you an excellent return on your investment when your campaign is well run. Below are some of the best platforms you can consider using to advertise your business and boost sales.

Advertising On Facebook

Facebook is a popular social media platform with users worldwide, with around 2 billion active users daily. As such, Facebook ads are an excellent way to help drive traffic and sales to your website, as well as boost your brand awareness. There are many different types of advertisements you can use on Facebook, and they have tools you can use to target your audience with almost laser-like precision.

Advertising On Instagram

The same company owns Instagram that owns Facebook, so you will find that their advertising is similar. They have a variety of different ads that you can use for your marketing, and you can target users using information such as:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Location
  • Religion
  • Likes
  • Hobbies
  • Profession
  • Language Spoken

An Instagram campaign that is well run can show you excellent returns, but it may be worthwhile considering using the services of a professional digital agency to help streamline it.

LinkedIn Advertising

If your company provides services or products to businesses, LinkedIn may be the ideal platform for your business. As with most other platforms, you can be precise with whom you target with your ads, and they can generate a lot of traffic and sales when done well. Unlike other platforms, LinkedIn is a networking platform for professionals, so the content that works well on Facebook or Twitter, may not work well here.

Google Pay Per Click (PPC)

You may also wish to consider using advertising on Google, and as with most other platforms, they have a wide variety of advert types you can use. Companies who enjoy excellent rankings on Google, including number one positions, still often use PPC, and it can be a perfect way to boost your business. PPC is a highly specialised field, and without experience in running a PPC campaign, you can waste a lot of money without any significant returns. As such, talk to a local digital agency that specialises in this field of marketing, and you can ensure your business gets the boost that it needs.