Yubo is a social media app that’s become particularly popular among teenagers and young adults. As a popular app for this age group, the platform has a significant responsibility to promote safe places for interpersonal interaction. It’s developed multiple safety measures to that end.

Working With a Safety Advisory Board

Yubo hasn’t just approached safety on its own but has drawn on the expertise of a safety advisory board. The company’s safety board consists of international online safety experts who have been advising the platform for three years. The board also collaborates with charities, non-governmental organizations, and government agencies.

Through this collaborative approach to social media safety, Yubo has developed several complementary safety features for its app.

Age Verification Through Artificial Intelligence

One of Yubo’s most innovative safety features is an age verification process that’s done by artificial technology. New users must upload a photo of themselves along with a short video. From these uploads, AI can check the veracity of a user’s age. Users aren’t able to lie about their age, and they also can’t spoof the software by uploading a false photo of someone else.

Implementing an AI age verification feature was new when Yubo first debuted this feature back in 2019. The platform first used the feature for checking suspicious new accounts, and then tried it out with accounts of 13- and 14-year-olds. These ages were chosen because they’re close to the legal cutoff for making accounts.

Yubo now uses the AI feature on all new accounts, and it’s become extremely accurate. Almost 99 percent of new users have their age instantly verified by the software.

Yubo has demonstrated the effectiveness of AI age verification, and that users will accept this method of age verification. Other social media platforms have noticed. Instagram will be implementing a similar feature by 2022’s close, and more platforms will likely do the same in the coming years.

Real-Time Monitoring With Artificial Intelligence

Yubo also uses artificial intelligence to monitor the content that users post to its app.

AI is constantly taking screenshots of user-posted content, and the screenshots are constantly checked for potential terms and conditions violations. Any content that might violate the terms and conditions’ prohibited material is flagged. Prohibited material includes posts with nudity (partial, full, or underwear only), violence, guns, blood, or drugs.

A safety review team manually checks flagged content for appropriateness. Anything that’s prohibited on the app is removed, and user accounts are suspended or deactivated as deemed appropriate.

The real-time monitoring helps ensure that the live streams people post are appropriate for the platform’s user base.

Customizable Content Blocking

To offer a more customizable experience, Yubo allows users to manually block content they don’t want to see. Specific emojis and words can be blocked from feeds. These can be blocked anytime someone posts them, or only when a non-friend posts them.

Robust Safety Features

Together, these three safety features help ensure that Yubo is a safe and fun place to interact with others. The platform continues to develop other safety features as well.