In this digital age, businesses possess new communications strategies that help keep their brands stay at the forefront of their clients’ minds. The primary goal is not only to drive visitors to specific websites, but to also establish and help maintain business relationships and be more efficient overall.

One of the best ways to do this is by using SMS marketing to touch base with clients and provide essential status updates on orders, sales, and other necessary factors. The integration of SMS reminders can help brands reach out to their clients and customers in ways that help them use the company’s intelligent routing technology to ensure all messages wind up where they’re intended to go.

Customers love the convenience of SMS and business owners love how they can count on it for important reminders about appointments, meetings, and other related activities. This is a technology that can help business owners do more at less cost, equipment, and tech support.

Since most people carry cellphones, it’s not uncommon for business owners to take after-hours calls from clients, especially if problem-solving issues arise. When someone sends a lengthy email, it alerts the recipient with a message saying they need to reserve time for it. Time-sensitive emails can sit unread for undetermined periods of time. SMS messages however are much more likely to receive immediate attention and faster responses. They’re simple to open, easy to read, and tend to get straight to the point.

Why SMS Gateway Technology?

Platforms like Mitto, a leader in global communications technology, have the capacity to provide an SMS API that can quickly pair customer solutions with SMS platforms. This technology enables users to transmit SMS messages from a computer, phone, or tablet to people within the cell service served by that gateway. It can also serve as a gateway for international communications for users who have the capability to roam, enabling SMS communications when one is away from their home base network.

This technology also allows clients to make trial API calls that enable tests of a function’s operation without sending SMS messages. Using the company’s SMS gateway, successful SMS campaigns are the easiest and most effective method of communication.

Why Use SMS Campaigns?

When businesses use SMS campaigns, they can create succinct, personalized communications that let customers know that help is on the way, a sale is coming up, where their purchases are, and additional information. The technology enables clients to send SMS messages to one recipient per API call and can create messages of up to 160 characters with complete control of the message’s encoding. The technology supports GSM, Unicode, auto, and binary schemata. Mitto customers are able to receive callback notifications about any sent messages. The platform also enables SMS messages to be sent in bulk. Any metadata added to messages is returned by the SMS API in the callbacks.

Two different types of messaging are offered. Customers may select between one-way or two-way messaging, depending on their business needs and structures.

Update Clients

When a business establishes a client list, it can be used as a directory to provide customers with a personalized SMS API service. These are the clients designated as the first to know about any product updates, upgrades, sales, or service offerings. Two-way SMS messages can be used to answer any questions clients might have. The messages can be sent to specific segments of a business, such as the administration, or to all employees. The service can be customized to particular lists.

Customers can want additional information before making business-related decisions. SMS texts are a great way to deliver any resources that could help them make more informed choices.

Guaranteed Receipt

Clients can be reassured by knowing their messages will reach their intended destinations. Carrier-grade routing platforms guarantee this by checking possible routes hundreds of times before deciding on the best path for the messages to travel. When a message is transmitted, it’s received rapidly and in its entirety.

Optimize Every Customer Experience

Each customer experience can be optimized by using SMS messaging to answer questions, provide additional information, and inform of deadlines, new products, or sales. The technology is easy to implement, straightforward to use, provides advantages for both customers and businesses, and is instrumental in helping them thrive.