Spectrum provides its customers with premium cable channels and fast download speeds. If you want a good and affordable Internet service provider for your home, check out Spectrum since it has the maximum coverage, provides excellent speeds, and is worth your money.

However, if you check out the bundle options in Spectrum, the TV, Internet, and phone bundles may be on the slightly expensive side.

Advantages of opting for Spectrum

  • Provide an excellent TV channel lineup
  • You can avail HBO Max if you choose Spectrum TV silver
  • Internet modem in case Spectrum is completely free of charge

Disadvantages of opting for Spectrum

  • Customers have reported that they have observed a price bump after one year.
  • The Internet packages are comparatively expensive.
  • The availability of basic Internet packages is very limited.

Suppose the customers do not want the prices to increase. In that case, they have to call the customer center via Spectrum Telefono and ask for promotional offers before the 12 months is up. These promotional offers can be applied to bring down the price and make it more budget-friendly. However, this price hike is imminent,. Therefore, the customer has to keep calling every time to have the prices rise. This creates a lot of hassle for the customer.

Spectrum TV plans

Spectrum offers three different TV plans to its users to cater to all types of needs and requirements. Spectrum TV select, Spectrum TV Silver, and Spectrum TV gold. Spectrum TV select is available at very low prices of around $50 per month for the period of the first twelve months. The customers will be availing of over 125 channels in this plan. However, this plan does not include good sports channels. If you are a fan of sports, you should go for Spectrum TV gold.

Spectrum TV silver offers more than 175 channels to its users and has on-demand titles as well. This plan also has channels like hallmark HBO, Animal Planet, Discovery etcetera. For avid sports fans, Spectrum TV gold is the choice. Under Spectrum TV gold, customers can avail themselves of over 200 channels. All the good sports channels like NFL Network, ESPN 1 and 2, Fox 1 and 2, and many others are included in this plan, along with on-demand titles and amazing movie channels.

Internet packages of Spectrum

With the availability of download speed up to 200 Mbps, most of the packages of Spectrum are perfect for one person use or small homes that only conduct Internet surfing and watch TV shows and movies on the Internet. Spectrum Internet ultra and Spectrum Internet gig are the ones meant for large families or those who are constantly on the Internet. If you get the lower package, but have to conduct video conferencing, zoom meetings, work-from-home, orr have online schooling, you will not have a good experience. For constant Internet use, you should opt for Spectrum Internet check or Spectrum Internet ultra.

The primary advantage in the case of Spectrum is that despite being on the higher side compared to the other internal service providers, Spectrum does not ask the customers to sign contracts. They also offer free modems to their customers. This is not something that is available with the other Internet service providers. Most service providers will expect their customers to sign a contract. If the customer chooses to leave the Internet service provider before the period on the contract is up, the customer is required to pay a termination fee. This is what makes customers prefer Spectrum over the other ISPs. The only problem with Spectrum is the price hike after 12 months. In most cases, the bill rises by a $25 per month charge.

Availability of Spectrum

The services are Spectrums currently available in over 45 states in the USA, including the major cities of the USA like New York City, Dallas, and Los Angeles. If you want to find out the Spectrum is available in your area or not, you have to go to the Spectrum website and enter the zip code under the Spectrum availability section. That will tell you if Spectrum is operable in your area or not.

If you are not an avid sports fan but are looking for a TV cable package that is sufficient for the entire household, you should opt for the Spectrum TV Silver package. In the Spectrum TV Silver package, customers can also avail the Spectrum app and watch their shows while on the move as well.

If you are in the market for Internet, TV, or cable services, do not forget to check out Spectrum. Alternatively, you can call up the customer service section of Spectrum and ask them for the different offers, pricing, and features. Spectrum is here to stay in 2022.