Mortgage lenders are under pressure to streamline their workflows, simplify the loan process and provide clients with excellent service while at the same time minimizing risk and maximizing profitability. This smart move means that they need technology that can drive efficiency, improve productivity and grow revenues by providing insights into their business operations.

Mortgage lenders can now achieve this with a mortgage CRM solution that combines the best workflow and analytics capabilities available in one platform. Here’s how:

Online loan submission

One of the best features of a mortgage CRM is its ability to submit documents online through a single platform. There is no need for any additional software or complicated workflows – just use the online dashboard.

Another way in which a mortgage CRM saves time and money for you and your clients is by allowing them to upload their credit score information straight from their computer or mobile device. This means no more printing out paper reports, driving around town with your client, or trying to find free Wi-Fi hotspots on the go.

Calculate your potential revenue

A mortgage CRM is simple enough to calculate your potential revenue, but it can also be used to accurately measure your return on investment. You can use the mortgage CRM software to calculate monthly revenue and monthly profit on each listing you have open, as well as monthly cash flow per unit and day.

Customizable loan officer dashboard

Your dashboard is customizable in many ways, allowing you to focus on the metrics that matter most. Loan officers can customize their dashboard, viewing the reporting elements and workflow that are most important to them at any given time. You also have a team version of the dashboard for managing multi-person loans and other projects. For example, you can see all of your loans that are being worked on by one loan officer or another at any time.

Customizable pipeline report

The customizable pipeline report is one of the most powerful features of your CRM. You can visualize your sales funnel, showing which loans are in process, pending, and approved. You can also see which loans are closed, in default, or in foreclosure. If you want to dig deeper into this information, you can slice and dice by loan type, borrower demographic details, and more.

Automated client alerts

Loan officers can receive automated alerts at the right time, so they’re always on top of their mortgages. Clients will get a daily email digest with all loan-related activities that day—this ensures they stay informed and engaged throughout the process.

The system will automatically send an alert when a client has been preapproved when a new loan application is received, or when documents are due. It also sends alerts that let you know if any payments are late. You can personalize these emails and make them as detailed or concise as you want.

Mark up documents with ease

One of the most powerful features of a mortgage CRM is the ability to mark up documents with ease. Whether you’re working with an appraisal, a title search, or an insurance policy you make it easy for you to annotate and highlight any information that’s critical to your clients. With a system in place, you can even add your comments or questions directly onto any document so that the client has all the information they need in one place.


The mortgage CRM market has been flooded with solutions that are either too primitive or overly complex—but you need something simple, intuitive, and easy to use. You want a solution that will help your business processes flow faster while improving the customer experience.