Google Drive is a great tool for organising documents and files. Instead of saving your important information to a single desktop and PC, Google Drive allows people to save and share documents online, making it accessible by anyone, anywhere. While Google Drive is exceptionally helpful in terms of organisation, did you know you can also turn your Drive into a website using Overdrive? Keep reading on to find out more.


While people use Google Drive for both personal and business reasons, it can become a bit cluttered when trying to access information. That’s where Overdrive comes in. With a few simple steps, you can turn your Google Drive into a website, making it easier to use and navigate for yourself and other people. You’ll wonder why you haven’t done this easy transfer sooner.

Where to start

First things first. It’s time to get organised. If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to organise your subfolders within your Drive. This is important because the folders will be turned into selections on your website’s drop-down menu, so try to make it as organised and user friendly as possible. Do your best to avoid any lone documents not being located in a folder. Try to clean everything up and only have a select number of folders available before converting.

Install overdrive

After you’ve cleaned up your drive and put all of your files and documents into relevant folders, it’s time to download Overdrive. If you don’t already have Overdrive installed, click ‘Connect more Apps’. Once you click this, another pop-up box will appear giving you the option to click ‘Connect apps to drive’. Simply search for ‘Overdrive’ in the search bar and press connect. If all is done correctly, you should see a pop up saying that Overdrive was connected to your Google Drive. Now press ‘OK’.

Convert Google Drive to website

Now that you’ve successfully installed Overdrive, it’s time to create your website. Go back into your Google Drive folder and right-click ‘Open with’. You should then be given the option to open the drive with Overdrive. Simply press this option and watch your website be created within a matter of minutes with your chosen files and folders.

Is it free to use?

Up to 2 users can use Overdrive for free. If you’d like to add more users to Overdrive, you’re looking at a small monthly fee, per user. If you’re using Overdrive for nonprofit or educational reasons, you may be entitled to a discount.

Turn your Google Drive to a website today

Stop wasting your time trying to navigate through a messy Google Drive folder. Simply organise your folders into chosen menu headers, clean up your files, download overdrive, and have a website created in minutes. With the help of the team this process is made even more simple.