If you are fond of crossword puzzles, you will definitely fall in love with cross-number games. Also known as cross-figure or figure logic, cross numbers share many similarities with crosswords, and the only difference is the game consists of numbers and not words. During gaming, the numbers are entered in blank cells or on the grid.

Cross Number Clues

Playing cross number is a bit technical when you are new to the game because it requires an in-depth analysis of clues that will lead to correct answers. Here are some of the clues the game employs to help players find the missing numbers. Let us get started.

  • You can get the correct number to a cell using the general knowledge of math, history, physics, etc. For instance, the Date of the Next Olympic Games. Still, the clue may consist of simple arithmetic calculations such as 16 times 27. Lastly, you may find clues directly from mathematics questions other than calculation, and an example is the 12th prime number.
  • Probably this is the most complex clue since it requires you to use another answer to find the answer to a specific cell. For instance, 15 across time 4 or 7 down plus 6 across.
  • The clue itself might be the right answer, but it won’t solve the puzzle without using a cross light which may be an even or odd number.
  • A clue may come in the form of an answer but in a non-determinate or implicit way. An example is a multiple of 28 or the rearranged digits of 2 across.
  • At some point, entries may not have a clue or be used as clues to another answer. A good example is three across or 13 across.
  • Some clues may use algebraic equations to solve the answer. For instance, you may be faced with this expression 2AB-3C+5CA where A, B, and C are known.
  • If you are a member of the family with a common interest in number puzzles, this clue works just right for you guys. For instance, a clue may be the distance from your home to the last camping site. Furthermore, this type of clue may be a real-world situation related to your personal experience that can be expressed in the form of numbers.

In most cases, cross number games that use the first clue on our list of clues are for educational purposes and may be difficult to solve. So, most gamers agree that these types of crosswords should hardly be used.

However, given that most cross numbers require an adept, if not basic, understanding of math as a discipline, most people prefer avoiding them. As such, they are less popular than crosswords. But this doesn’t mean that they don’t get much attention compared to other games.

Wrap Up 

Playing cross number has never been easy, but you can literally tear through the grid and fill up the cells within no time with the above clues. Next time you interact with this, make sure you use these ingenious clues.