Service Management Software is a computer-based application used by field service technicians to manage the tasks assigned to them. It usually comes as a complete package that includes centralized dispatch, real-time tracking of tasks performed and completion status, and integrated database management.

Some companies have taken the next step and have developed specialized software for field service technicians, which are targeted at specific applications such as tracking applications, healthcare applications, and public sector field service applications. The software has many features to simplify the operations of field technicians and increase their productivity and quality.

The management software provides valuable information to business processes of all kinds. It helps businesses reduce costs and improve the efficiency of their business operations. Service management software providers have made this software available to small and medium-scale businesses across the nation.

These service management software providers have enabled this technology to reach out to millions of business houses and corporations all over the world. This new system has proved to be a boon to business owners because it has simplified their operations and helped them to save huge amounts of money which they would have otherwise spent on hiring more personnel and updating their systems.

The system helps in managing billing, order processing, real-time inventory, customer service, and tracking of all kinds of orders. In addition to this, the software also helps the client companies in maintaining accurate and complete customer profiles.

This software helps to obtain the necessary data at a low cost and in real-time which saves valuable time for the employees of the company. Customer service data is maintained in a tabular form which enables the agent to understand every customer query very quickly and easily.

With the development of advanced tools for managing time, field service technicians can now make better use of their time by making timely decisions and taking immediate actions which results in reduced cost to the company. An important feature of this software is its support for employee scheduling software which enables office managers to schedule staff work rotations to the needs of the business. The employee scheduling software manages the staffing levels and ensures that there is always a qualified technician available for every task which eliminates wasted man-hours.

Another important component of this software is problem code management. This helps to effectively identify and resolve problems faced by employees in the office. Problem codes are labels given to identify a specific problem such as late delivery, low-quality product, or other specific problems which can be solved easily by the designated staff members.